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TOP 3 Things to See at the Science Museum

There is no shortage of entertainment to be enjoyed at the Science Museum, from a brand-new exhibition to breathtaking IMAX documentaries, in addition to their regular favourites like Wonderlab, Pattern Pod, Exploring Space, and much more.

Pattern Pod

DATE: Open daily

Children under the age of nine, as well as their parents and caregivers, can explore science concepts via play in the spectacular multi-sensory Pattern Pod.

Children investigate the world in the same way as scientists do by attempting to anticipate what will happen next. If these events repeat themselves or have a pattern, it is frequently simpler to forecast what will happen next.

Children can produce symmetrical images on touch screens, explore water ripples without getting their feet soaked follow robot trails, and much more in Pattern Pod. They are inspired to detect and imitate patterns—or develop completely original ones—by engaging, entertaining exhibitions.

For nonstop entertainment, go to Pattern Pod on the museum’s ground level!

Power Up

DATE: Open daily

Immerse yourself in their hands-on gaming experience, which includes the top video games and systems from the previous 50 years. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a retro gaming aficionado, a serious player, or just want to beat your family at Mario Kart.

In this ultimate interactive gaming experience, you may compete against friends in online battles, relive childhood favourites, and try out some of the hottest next-gen virtual reality experiences.


DATE: Open daily

Investigate this intriguing new gallery honouring engineers and the remarkable tales behind them.

Engineers help to create the world we live in by developing daring, ground-breaking solutions that address major world problems and enhance the quality of life for billions of people. How much do we know about the individuals who created these innovations?

The Engineers gallery is centred on human stories, giving visitors the chance to get a closer look at iconic items like the first digital camera, the cutting-edge CMR ‘Versius’ surgical robot arm, and a miniature atomic clock that was essential to the GPS system, as well as discover more about the remarkable individuals who created them.

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