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Our Experience at Aures LexTempus

Some very lucky members of iVisit got invited to experience the incredible Aures LexTempus.

On Friday 25 July, some very lucky members of iVisit (including myself) got invited to experience the incredible Aures LexTempus. The show was not a finished product so we didn’t exactly get the full polished product but we’ll get into our opinions a little later.

What is Aures LexTempus?

Aures London is an immersive experience like no other. This life-changing experience is just a stone’s throw away from Waterloo Station.

This venue is hidden away in and around graffiti tunnel which is fitting, as Aures emits exclusivity, creativity and a certain allure of mystery and excitement. It is an exclusive spot for those that are arts inclined, and it could also be seen as a holy place for music lovers and art enthusiasts.

It achieves this status by using technology and immersive experiences to create unforgettable events. Essentially they power immersive events, performances, exhibitions and research for creative brands and organisations.

The event will see you transported via an observatory to three different locations spanning three different decades in one night. All this is intensified by breath-taking visuals which are displayed on hi-resolution floor to ceiling 270-degree screens, that compliment the music with stunning graphics that have been curated by visual innovators, Observatory purely to compliment the music and hopefully catapult you to these iconic cities to experience these legendary artists. 

What Was Our Experience Like?

Located in one of the Leake Street Arches, the first thing we were welcomed with was the stunning graffiti art throughout the Leake Street Tunnel. This definitely set the mood giving off a very hip and trendy vibe before the experience had even begun.

We were greeted at the door by the Junior Events Manager and had table 8 assigned to us, which is positioned towards the back of the room but with a centre view of the screen. The seats were in a great position to allow us to see everything.

Every table had one seat that had a SubPac on it. A SubPac is a backpack style subwoofer which you wear to allow you to feel every rumble running through your spine and spread through your body.

The sound system was something like I’ve never heard before. After getting seated, there was a rumble of bass playing through the speakers and vibrating the whole room. We could feel the bass pulsing through us. As someone who has owned subwoofers, I was very in my element.

Shortly after being seated, we had a great introductory speech by the Co-Founder of Aures. She explained to everyone about how they have focused very hard on including all 5 senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

We were surrounded by an immersive 270° screen that was created by 7 projectors. There was also visuals being projected at the arches above our heads. Smells were being diffused into the air throughout the entire night. It was such a unique scent that I couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to smell like.

The room had 56 speakers behind the screens, surrounding the room. This is a new way to experience music, to say the least. You could hear every piano key, every guitar pluck, and every beat.

Now onto the most exciting part – the cocktails. We tried a range of cocktails (and mocktails for our responsible dedicated driver). The cocktails were spread across three different pages with each page being dedicated to the decade. My personal favourite was the Flower Power Sour from the San Francisco page. It contained: Gin, St Germain, Violette, Rose, Lemon & CBD Oil. In my defence, I didn’t know it had CBD Oil until afterwards (sorry boss). It arrived to me in a short glass, filled with ice, blueberries, and a dried orange slice. The drink was orange/ red coloured and had a layer of foam on top. The foam had a lovely fizz to it but the rest of the drink was quite still and refreshing.

After the experience came to an end, I managed to have a chat with the Co-Founder and I told her how impressed I was with the sound system and how incredible the subwoofers were to vibrate the whole room. She then explained that the subwoofers weren’t in use for our session and that all of the bass was coming from the speakers.

Would I Recommend This Experience?

I think this is definitely worth a visit. From the unique atmosphere, to the tasty cocktails and their friendly staff. The whole night came together perfectly.

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