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New Year New Experiences 2022

Let 2022 be a year of change, a new you must try new experiences right?

21st December 2021 | #NewYearNewMe | #2022


We all have dreamt at one point or another to become the main character, well now you can! With this 360 immersive experience, you’ll submerge into Jacobean London and experience the night of The Gunpowder Plot as if you were Guy Fawkes himself. And not only will you be immersed by what you see, but by what you feel, hear and smell, every sense locked in the year 1605 and you’ll have to figure your way out.

With the last two years full of social distancing, restrictions and several lockdowns, you’ll be happy to hear the experience is very covid friendly, as each experience is individual and on your own.

Dates: 6 May – 4 September

Price: £40 – £100

Location: Tower Of London


The Museum of London welcomes you to celebrate and come together at the Museum of London Docklands to celebrate Lunar New Year at their weekend of free activities for the whole family to enjoy. Become immersed in the performances, get stuck in with celebratory community activities and discover the museum’s historical connection to this spectacular festival!

Dates: 5 & 6 February

Price: FREE

Location: Museum Of London Docklands

The first-ever ‘China Town’ in Limehouse, East London


Opening in 2022, the Life Through a Royal Lens exhibition, explores the Royal Family through photography and brings together some of the most iconic images ever taken of the Royal Family to Kensington Palace. The Royal Palace is the perfect location for the exhibition as it has continued to be a very iconic location linked to the British Monarchy.

For nearly 200 years, the medium of photography has allowed Sovereign and subjects to have an unprecedented level of intimacy. The new exhibition looks at the British Royal Family’s long-standing association with photography, from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s early encouragement of photography through lesser-known personal family pictures from the 19th century to the present day.

Dates: 4 March – 30 October

Price: Included in Palace entry fee – £20

Location: Kensington Palace

Princess Diana at Kensington Palace

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