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Exploring the Enchantment of Hobbledown Heath: Where Imagination Meets Adventure

Beyond the realm of the ordinary, lies a place that captures the hearts and imaginations of visitors young and old alike.

The magical land of Hobbledown Heath is one of London’s biggest indoor and outdoor adventure play parks. Located in Hounslow, West London, it is part of the largest leisure development in London since the Olympics, which in total spans 126 acres.

Hobbledown Heath is the perfect place for endless family fun in the sun. Home to 70 unique and fascinating farm and zoo animals, from playful Pygmy Goats to mischievous Meerkats, as well as a specialist Bird of Prey centre, visitors can get the chance to meet the new furry residents of Hounslow through interactive experience sessions. The land of Hobbledown Heath will sit in the guise of four themed outdoor play villages. The play areas are surrounded by animal enclosures and walkways, and children can get face to face with a variety of farm and zoo animals. There are 15 metre wooden towers to climb, a labyrinth of underground tunnels to explore, slides to zip down, and water sensors to dart through. If that wasn’t enough, there is a huge 25,000 square feet indoor play arena with a giant suspended ropeland, climbing frames, and slides.

Having fun is hungry work – refuel at the Hobnosh Bar, the main restaurant that offers a range of wholesome, delicious, and nutritious dishes. Or visit the Snack Shack for small bites and refreshments.

Hobbledown Heath is perfect for weekend adventures, birthday parties, and days out with little ones. The indoor play facilities at Hobbledown Heath mean the attraction can be enjoyed come rain or shine.

The creators of Hobbledown Heath understand the importance of preserving the magic that defines the heath. As stewards of both the natural world and the fantastical one they’ve crafted, they are committed to sustainability, conservation, and responsible tourism practices. This dedication ensures that future generations will continue to be transported to a realm where dreams come to life.

Hobbledown Heath is more than an attraction; it’s an invitation to step into a realm where imagination knows no bounds and adventure awaits at every turn. As you stroll through its meadows, converse with its creatures, and embark on daring quests, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world that bridges the gap between reality and the fantastical. So, whether you’re a wide-eyed child or a child at heart, Hobbledown Heath promises an experience that lingers long after you’ve left its enchanting embrace.

Hours of fun
Opening in July 2022
Biggest indoor and outdoor adventure play park in London
Beautiful woodland 
Lose yourself  
Escape to a magical land  
Dart through water sensors  
Overlook 126 acres of woodland 
Watch birds of prey fly 
Navigate wobbly bridges  
Hide in a labyrinth of tunnels
Enjoy secret passages 
Awaken the senses
Test your fearlessness 
Have the best time ever!

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