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Top 5 Coolest Dances To Lose Weight Fast!

Are you thinking of dropping pounds this year? Nothing to motivate you? Well we are here with good news, you can lose weight and we will help you!

During difficult times, it is challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to various reasons such as stress and anxiety. Which is why we believe dance is your ultimate solution!

Coolest Dances

Below are some of the hottest dances that are trendy and popular – pick your favourite!
Zumba: Zumba is a safe, fun, and effective workout for most people who want to enhance their cardiovascular fitness through dance. With Zumba, it varies from high to mid intensity workout routines, therefore you burn higher calories if it involves a high level of intense body movements. Zumba is popular because it is simple and easy to follow; the dance workouts are always repeated body movements that follow the same pace and routine throughout the entire workout.

Contemporary: Incorporates most dance styles; combines elements of multiple dance genres such as jazz, street and ballet. It is very popular amongst dancers and the viewers because of its vibrant and energetic movements. Usually contemporary dance helps tone your entire body.
Ballet: Often referred to the ’backbone of dancing’ involves theatrical dance elements and mostly requires you to be experienced enough to execute the dance.
This dance is heavily leg focused so you will need special training for flexibility and endurance to strengthen legs and thighs. Also, to be able to do simple Ballet dance routines, you will need to get your balance in check to avoid injuries which could occur when twirling or spinning.

Belly dancing: Originated from the middle east, this dance focuses on torso and hip movements. It contributes to strengthening and toning the muscle specifically targeting the abdomen, arms and thigh areas of the body. This dance is usually assumed to be exclusive to females due to its high level of feminine body movements but, in this day and age, there are some men who do belly dancing their own ‘way’.
The advantage of belly dancing is that it does not require experience, all you have to do is let your hips, arms sway and your whole body absorb the rhythm.

Street: Inspired by urban and the streets itself, the dance is vibrant and usually freestyle. It requires a lot of flexibility and fluidity because of the bouncing, jumping and acrobatic elements involved.

Challenge Yourself

Have you come across those tiktok challenges and thought you can only dream of doing them? Well, those who are doing these challenges probably think they are not good enough at dancing yet they still dance, film and post it for the world to see. Perhaps challenge yourself into getting the habit of dancing and filming yourself and see how great you did.


Dancing can help you through tough times but it can also transform you as a whole, this includes your lifestyle and overall health & well-being. Whilst dancing your body releases good hormones called Serotonin which is vital when you are feeling stressed or depressed. Also, although you are eager to lose weight, always remember to love yourself in the process – we are all beautiful in our own way despite how big or small we weigh. And most importantly, dancing is all about having fun so enjoy yourself.

Your Options (dance schools/dance venues)

There are a wide variety of dance styles to suit your needs and requirements.
Below are a few dance studios for you to hire and begin your weight loss journey!
Pineapple Studios
First dance UK
Arabesque School Of Dance
City Academy
K-arc Dance Studios
London Dance Academy

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