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African and South Asian Dance Classes at Wembley Park

Wembley Park is a cultural melting pot where diverse communities come together to celebrate their heritage and traditions. Among the many expressions of cultural identity, dance takes center stage.

Wembley Park offers a unique opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in the captivating worlds of African and South Asian dance through a variety of classes and workshops.

Odissi Dance Class

Odissi is one of the eight classical dance forms of India. It was born and nurtured in the temples of Odissa. Odissi dance is renowned for its fluid grace, sculptural sensuality, and profound spirituality. One of its most distinctive features is the movement of the torso.

Odissi also serves as a cultural and kinetic bridge connecting the geometrically precise dances of southern Orissa with the lyrical, flowing dances of eastern India that extend toward Southeast Asia. In simple terms, while the footwork precisely matches the rhythms of the pakhawaj, the upper torso gracefully continues to shift throughout a rhythmic phrase.

Beneath the aesthetic depth of Odissi dance lies its spiritual essence and the pursuit of realizing the Divine. This spiritual elevation and emotional depth enable the dancer to transcend the mundane worries of the world, experiencing joy and bliss as if becoming one with the art and the Divine.

The class covers the fundamentals of Odissi, theory, and choreographies for performances. Students receive training and opportunities to perform at various dance festivals and events. The cost is £6 per person.

Rhythmic Body: An Afro Dance Based Somatic Movement Class

Movement and well-being dance artist Stephanie Ojo invites us to embark on a journey with ‘Rhythmic Body: An Afro Dance-Based Somatic Movement Class.’ This class focuses on the body and mind, centering around the movement of the diaspora. It is a therapeutic cultural dance practice that immerses participants in African diasporic movement, emphasizing holistic well-being and community involvement. The practice incorporates drumming and breath techniques to engage the body and senses.

Stephanie, who also works in pediatric Occupational Therapy, is excited to share her passion for movement and dance with you at The Yellow this October.

Please note that this class is suitable for individuals aged 16 and over. Booking is required, and the cost is £3 per person.

Bollywood Dance Class

They are here to offer the finest Bollywood dance training in various Indian dance styles, all set to the backdrop of Bollywood music. They create a secure environment for individuals to express themselves and connect with others while enjoying a delightful dance experience.

The dance styles featured in their classes include Traditional Bollywood, Semi Classical, Indian Folk, BollyWaack, and Commercial Bollywood. They take a comprehensive approach to teaching the fundamentals of each move, gradually progressing to mastering choreography.

Their classes are organised into continuous 4 or 6-week sessions, ensuring versatility and enjoyment while focusing on holistic development. These classes are inclusive and open to individuals of all genders and nationalities—all that’s needed is a passion for Bollywood

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