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Places in London that Doesn’t Feel Like London!

I’m a Londoner get me out of here…or in here?

We at iVsit can’t be the only ones itching to get out, especially with good weather around the corner as we prepare for a potential 25-day heatwave, we’re planning to make the most of restrictions easing. Understandably, we still can’t get on a plane and experience the perfect summer holiday and many staycation hotspots are already incredibly booked for the summer, so where to go? Here are our go-to places within the safety of our own city but feels like a completely different place.

Hampton Court Palace Maze

The world’s most famous maze.

The Hampton Court Palace Maze is the oldest surviving hedge maze in Britain. Commissioned by King William III and Queen Mary II in the late 17th century as part of a formal garden layout labelled the ‘Wilderness’, the maze is roughly one-third of an acre, planted in a trapezoid shape. The world-famous maze is known for its confusing nature, as guests usually get left feeling intrigued and confused by the many twists and turns, taking each person on average about 20 minutes to complete the maze. The maze is a part of the Hampton Court Palace Experience, pay one fee and have access to the palace gardens, exhibitions, tours and of course the maze.

Painshill Park

Crystal Grotto at Painshill

Painshill Park also known as Charles Hamilton’s pride and joy is 2.5 miles of beautiful scenery and art. You can work the historic footsteps of Hamilton’s guests and admire the way the garden buildings and views unfold before you. The 18th-century masterpiece garden includes dramatic follies, grottoes, a calming waterwheel, an exquisite vineyard and a quaint tearoom. The iconic architecture behind Painshill is regarded as one of the foremost and finest examples of the English Landscape Movement. A style of landscape design that has been described, by architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner, as “Britain’s greatest contribution to the visual arts”.  A perfect day with the family, to appreciate the grand historic landscape and simply bask in nature.

Northala Hills

On of the four artificial Hills

This is a more recently created place in our list, located in Northolt, Ealing, Northala Hills is a beautiful park known for its row of four artificial hills. Opened in 2008 the park consists of four artificial hills standing next to the A40 Western Avenue, as well as several fishing lakes, a large field area, a children’s play area and an adjacent café. The Hills artificial or not definitely give an out-of-London feel, especially witnessing the sunrise or sunset from the top of the 84ft hill. Whether you fancy a bit of fishing, crave a great view or simply want to take the kids out for the day, I’d say Northala fields is definitely the place to be.

 Mayfield Lavender Farm

Sun and Lavender, ain’t nothing better.

Mayfield Lavender Farm is every Instagram lovers dream location for that insta-worthy picture. The field, curated in the early 2000s wasn’t always the Lavender field we see today and took many trials and errors before its first opening to the public in 2008. But once it had opened to visitors, word went round pretty quickly and soon enough Mayfield Lavender became a popular south London location. The 25-acre organic farm is an attraction mostly fit for summer as the lavenders only begin to bloom towards the middle to the end of June however the farm is also accompanied by a beautiful cafe where you can go get a bite to eat and is open all year round along with the nursery and gift shop. Stay in London physically but leave mentally as you get enthralled by the incredible Lavender fields.

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