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5 Hobbies to try in London this year

There are infinite opportunities to try new things in London.

With life easily getting in the way (especially in London; a city that never sleeps), it can be hard to find ways to actively make time for yourself, destress and learn new skills. That being said, here’s a list of fun activities in London that your inner child will be begging you to try.

1) Rollerskate like it’s 1979!

source: KUOW

If you haven’t already heard, rollerskating has become a new favourite pastime, stretching from your favourite tik toker all the way to your local community. This underground hobby has recently boomed. Not solely bound to the roller rinks, this nostalgic sport is great for casually skating around your local park with some friends and good tunes or going all out in a roller disco. Rollerskating can also be used for almost anything whether it be fitness, dancing & leisure, or competitive sports.

Roller skating is also a great excuse to meet new people. If you’re seeking out a skate crew of your own, all you’ve got to do is search in the right places. From London’s skating spots and events to online spaces, the rollerskating community is a diverse and welcoming bunch.

One of the best spots in town is Roller Nation. Located in the suburbs of Tottenham, this roller skating nightclub has it all: such as a disco, live DJ, skating experts to help on-hand, a dining restaurant, and more. Open to kids and families on mornings and weekends, there’s something for everyone.

Skates are also reasonably affordable, ranging from £30 in price, and are seen in almost every sports shop and online.

2) Spice it up with Bachata/ salsa dancing classes

source: Pexava

Why not shake it up with a little Latin flair and learn a new party trick like bachata/ salsa dancing? Variety is the spice of life after all!

No matter if you’re a complete beginner or an advanced salsero/a, this passionate tropical dance is a fun, active pastime. A great source of exercise, Salsa is also known to have many health benefits such as: improving balance, coordination, and posture, helping you burn calories, increasing metabolism, and boosting your overall mood and mental well-being.

Unlike the upbeat Salsa, Bachata is more of a dynamic, romantic, and sensual dance, perfect for couples. Known to boost your physical endurance, muscular & bone strength, and psychological well-being (relieving stress), Bachata is a great dance for everyone, especially romantics.

Not only does attending a salsa or bachata class improve your overall mind and body but it also gives you a great opportunity to meet with like-minded people, network, make friends, and immerse yourself in the culture!

A great place to get started is Salsateca, located in the heart of London (London Blackfriars to be exact). Hosting both Salsa and Bachata lessons weekly, Salsateca connects people through the world of music and dance. It’s also a bilingual company – for all the Spanish speakers out there.

And so there is no doubt that salsa & bachata dancing can help improve many important aspects of your life. Join a dance studio near you to learn salsa, bachata, and other dance styles to boost your physical, mental and social life.

3) Learn to skateboard like a Pro

source: CNN

Whether you’re an aspiring Tony Hawk or an absolute newbie, Skateboarding is an absolute must for thrill-seekers to try. Daunting at first, this fun yet extreme sport is bound to keep you on your toes. Tricky but enjoyable, skateboarding’s benefits are endless.

For one, it’s cost-effective. With the average board amounting between £20 – £30 ( not including protective gear), this thrill-seeking activity is definitely budget-friendly. It’s also super easy to make friends with other skaters. Whilst skating in your street or at your local park, you may find a few others naturally join you. It gives you a chance to be more involved in the community and develop new relationships.

Other than giving you a full-body workout, skateboarding enhances bravery and increases your pain tolerance. Skateboarding isn’t known to be the safest sport: Scrapes, scars, and aches are all a part of skateboarding, but having to get up and try again every time after falling off can serve to be a great life lesson of patience and endurance. In this way, skateboarding is a great activity to introduce to kids.

It also encourages freedom. Skateboarding is such an individual sport that you can get all the freedom you want. Experiment, collaborate and invent new tricks and techniques. it’s all up to you.

Skateboarding can also serve as a fun mode of transportation. Whether you’re going to the shops, supermarket, school, or your friend’s house, you can do it with your board.

So now that you’ve read this, are you ready to start? To get started, all you have to do is grab a board, stand on top of it, and start rolling…

4) Dare to be inspired by Art!

source: Shutterstock

Making art is a great method to excite the mind, and it’s something that anybody can do. Learn about the various advantages of art and how it may benefit you.

There’s a huge misconception about artists. Most believe that you’re born with talent and that only a lucky few have access to becoming great. Although we’re not all destined to be the next Picasso, there are significant benefits to picking art up as a hobby. And if you have the urge to embrace your artistic side, why not try?

Firstly, doing art can help stimulate your imagination. Let your inner child run wild with creativity and open your mind to new possibilities that fuel the imagination. Art is a process of discovering new ways to express ourselves and experience the world. It encourages us to take a broader view of life, including beauty, symbolism, spirituality, and narrative, as well as allows us to be present at the moment. Art keeps magic alive.

It also makes you more observant. In a world where distractions are constantly at bay, being able to “see” and concentrate on a certain task in immense detail can definitely come in handy. Another benefit that is often overlooked is that it also enhances your problem-solving abilities. Making art teaches you that there is more than one solution to the same problem. It also challenges our beliefs and encourages open-minded thinking.

Another great thing about pursuing art is that it can be practised anywhere, whether you’re at home, sitting on a bench at the park, or in a classroom.

5) Crack a few jokes at your local comedy club

source: unothegateway

If you consider yourself to be a funny person, this might just be the hobby for you.

Even if performing on stage may not be your thing, everyone can find a few benefits in this pastime. In fact, one big superpower to gain from this is the ability to make fun of yourself and not take things too seriously. To an extent, laughing at yourself can be seen as the biggest form of self-confidence, and by doing so you’ll be able to have a more enjoyable outlook on life.

By doing stand-up comedy, the fear of public speaking will also become a thing of the past. When you finally remove the fear of no one laughing, you’ll quickly realise that standup is just like telling or story to a group of friends. This can come in handy outside of the comedy club as well, especially when speaking in front of a large number of people, or even attending meetings at work.

You can also use standup as a creative outlet. Find a way to express yourself, share how you feel about certain topics, tell a story, or just rant about how your day went. Not only that but through standup, you’ll be able to make new funny friends along the way.

Sold yet? Great – here’s a place to get you started: the Comedy School. Based in North West London, is the only arts organisation of its kind in the UK that works with comedy in many different settings. Learn to be one of the greats, by selecting one of their many courses.

What’s the takeaway?

So now that you know 5 new hobbies to try out in London why not try them out or use them as inspiration for finding you’re own favourite pastime? For more articles like this, check out our ‘Be Inspired‘ page.

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