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This Year, Pop Up Screens Will Span Across Seven London Parks And Open Spaces Over Three Months.

This year, Pop Up Screens will span across seven London parks and open spaces over three months, launching on 23rd July at Hammersmith, Ravenscourt Park with the cult classic Dirty Dancing. Everyone attending the opening night will receive a free gü dessert

With something for everyone, Pop Up Screens has an enormous catalogue of films to showcase this summer, from smash-hit musicals such as Grease, Pretty Woman, and The Breakfast Club.

For audiences wanting nostalgia, fans will be able to revisit fan favorites 10 Things I Hate About You and Dirty Dancing and the latest Top Gun movie. So why not pull up a chair, bean bag or blanket and join them for a movie or two!

Pop Up Screenings Full Listings


Dirty Dancing – 21st July

Mamma Mia – 22nd July

Grease – 23rd July

Top Gun: Maverick – 1st September

Elvis – 2nd September

The Greatest Showman – 3rd September


10 Things I Hate About You – 28th July

Dirty Dancing – 29th July

The Greatest Showman – 30th July


Pretty Woman – 4th August

Top Gun: Maverick – 5th August

The Greatest Showman – 6th August


Grease – 8th August

Elvis – 9th August


Mama Mia – 11th August

Top Gun: Maverick – 12th August

The Greatest Showman – 13th August

Pretty Woman – 8th September

Elvis – 9th September

Dirty Dancing – 10th September

Crystal Palace

Elvis – 18th August

Dirty Dancing – 19th August

Top Gun: Maverick – 20th August


Top Gun: Maverick – 25th August

10 Things I Hate About You – 26th August

Romeo + Juliet – 27th August

Hither Green

Top Gun: Maverick – 15th September

Elvis – 16th September

The Breakfast Club – 17th September


Back to the Future – 13th September

Grease – 14th September

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