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The Holocaust Galleries

The Holocaust Galleries are opening in the London Imperial War Museum.

The Imperial War Museum of London will be opening its brand new permanent display of the Holocaust Galleries on the 20th of October 2021. IWM London’s new Holocaust Galleries revolve around personal stories taken from real people.

Individual stories will be coming from a selection of the 6million Jewish people who were unfortunately murdered during the Holocaust. These stories will be told through a series of photos, books, art, letters as well as personal objects such as jewellery, clothing, toys and musical instruments.

Created to share the people’s stories who were, unfortunately, part of the most devastating conflict. The witnesses of this Holocaust are fading out and so are the living memories. This gallery will guarantee there will be no loss of memory when it comes to the Holocaust as it is a time that we should never forget.

Learn more by following the link below –

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