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Barbican Presents: Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Generously supported by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery. 

Human Rights Watch proudly presents the 26th edition of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival from 17-25 March, in partnership with Barbican Cinema.

Ten compelling new films from around the world are presented at this year’s festival, including three  screenings at the Barbican in London with live, digital Q&A’s — Opening Night, Centrepiece, and  Closing Night. The festival will stream a full digital edition across the UK and Ireland, with pre recorded in-depth talks with filmmakers, film participants, activists, and Human Rights Watch  advocates. 

The filmmakers at this year’s festival foreground issues around freedom of choice, cultural  expression, and family trauma, showing individuals and communities standing in solidarity to create  change and amplify marginalised voices. Even during the global pandemic, communities are coming  together and making a difference —from journalists in Myanmar, Latinx community members in  Texas, and young girls in Bangladesh, to judges in Poland and asylum seekers in the UK. 

Book your tickets here:

Silence Heard Loud  – Poland / 2022 / Anna Konik / 71m 

Bangla Surf Girls – Canada / Elizabeth D. Costa / 2021 / 86m 

Boycott – U.S.A. / Julia Bacha / 2021 / 70m 

Daughter of a Lost Bird – U.S.A. / Brooke Pepion Swaney / 2021 / 66m

Eternal Spring (長春– Canada / Jason Loftus / 2022 / 86m

Judges Under Pressure – Poland / Kacper Lisowski / 2021 / 87m

Myanmar Diaries – Netherlands, Myanmar, Norway / The Myanmar Film Collective / 2022 / 70m

On The Divide – U.S.A. / Maya Cueva & Leah Galant / 2021 / 79m

Tacheles – The Heart of the Matter – Germany / Jana Matthes & Andrea Schramm / 2020 / 104m

You Resemble Me – France, Egypt, U.S.A. / Dina Amer / 2021 / 90m

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